Why Am I Running?

I feel keenly qualified to be your NC House District 60 Representative. I vow to be an ethical representative and use a common sense approach, with common sense solutions to help lead us forward. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work for you. I know that many challenges lie ahead, but together I believe that we can advance and grow this great State we are proud to call home.

Below are my main points of focus:


Enhance Job Growth

Regardless of where you live or where you visit in our great State, you can see that North Carolina is Open for Business. I plan to continue that pro-growth momentum when elected. There are multiple sources that tout North Carolinas rapidly growing economy along with a drastic reduction in unemployment. Our State has reduced taxes for all citizens and businesses while eliminating debt and putting millions of dollars into reserves. This is the type of success that I want to ensure continues. I want to attract more businesses, not just to our State, but more specifically to Guilford County. I want them to know that they have a friend in me and that we are making our State more business friendly every day. This, of course, would lead to job creation which will help our existing citizens and also help to retain the best and brightest from our colleges and universities.  I want to accomplish all of this and more while being a good steward of the citizens’ money and I am equal to the task.


Proper Educational Funding

Education is another one of my main concerns. I believe that every child deserves a top notch education. Whether it be in one of our traditional public schools, magnet schools, charter schools or private schools; every one of our young people should have the ability to seek the education that is right for them and their parents. We all know that every child is different and one size does not fit all. As someone who was educated kindergarten through college in North Carolina public schools, I have seen how great our schools can be. Are they perfect? Of course not. There is always room for improvement and that is where I plan to help. We need to retain and hire the best teachers and administrators. We need to ensure that wages are appropriate and that funding for supplies, textbooks and buildings are not only available but also spent wisely. I intend to study other states that excel to see how we may possibly improve our system. I want to ensure that every child has the best education possible and has their pick of high paying jobs when they graduate.


Public Safety Excellence

I support and respect our law enforcement officers. We all know that they have a difficult and thankless job. We need to ensure that these men and women are given the support and resources necessary to do their jobs properly. This includes sufficient pay for our State Troopers. They sacrifice their lives to keep us safe and we need to ensure that they are appropriately compensated.

School safety is at the forefront of everyone’s concerns right now. We need to ensure that our children are safe in the classroom. I fully support adding additional, properly trained SROs (School Resource Officers) in our school system to help further the safety of our children and educators.